Monday, 2 October 2017

Chalo Chatu the next big thing.

Documenting Zambia is one thing I love to do from the bottom of my heart. I have been contributing on Wikipedia for over 5 years now with over 10,000+ edits both record and off the record together with the deleted edits my main area was focused on Zambia to try and add the missing information about Zambia, I started short mission of mine in 2013 after I got some experience and saw how Wikipedia works plus its software media wiki. My first article was an autobiography which deleted but my second article about B-Flow which was almost deleted as well in fact it was deleted but I saved it, at that time I picked up a few pointers so I then tried to write about my school Lind High School it didn’t have problems I was just advised to expand it I later made one for Hillcrest and David Kaunda schools but my recent articles in 2017 are Cleo Ice Queen, FIFA 18 and Football Manger 2018, I have so far successfully added up to 30 and 8 have been deleted and 22 articles that have survived the mark. That’s my short Wikipedia history or biography now coming to Chalo Chatu Zambia’s next big thing. Chalo Chatu was opened on 1st June 2016 and 11days later after the launch Jason Mulikita the founder and creator of site called me to and convince me to come on board to write and rewrite history as we make history, when we had our first meeting I told him about my vision and that this project has come at the right and I would gladly work with him and that’s how I ended up to be the C.O.O of the foundation this was just and instant appointment as there was no formal search. Just after I was appointed I was quickly started to work on the articles clear certain errors expand and also write new ones and also the one of the main jobs of a C.O.O. I made some policies privacy and also donors policy I also had to put up some disclaimers. I say Chalo Chatu is the next big thing cause even if we have a bad reading cultural in Zambia, us at Chalo Chatu we want to make knowledge hub we are making a reference site to Zambian related information that is told by Zambians themselves we are trying by all means to be neutral balanced and at the same time to encyclopaedic and verifiable knowledge with over 2000+ articles on the site we the fastest growing website in Zambia disputed being the only online encyclopaedia based in Zambia also documenting Zambia . At the moment the foundation is founding itself since it’s a highly-efficient non-profit project and so we get our founding from donation that people make both online and offline.  Meet us online are we make history together mind you we are preserving the History and pride of Zambia, also don’t for get to donate to this cause.

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